CGA CADDY Training Program


1. Introduction - Golf is a gentleman’s game played in a friendly environment and many persons are taking up golf not only as a sport but also as a hobby. To manage the game of golf and golf courses many stake holders like Golf Course Managers, Green Keepers, Turf Maintenance workers are involved. They play an important role and in addition to these personnel, the role played by caddies is of equal importance in helping golfers to play the game and provide support in upkeep of the golf course. The job of a caddy is a decent job as this does not involve much manual work but at the same time it is quite remunerative and also gives an opportunity to meet well placed players who can help them in improving their standard of living.  

2. Objectives

a. To train young boys and girls as caddies.

b. To certify boys and girls as caddies at different levels i.e. A, B and C.

c. To make caddy training and the job as a complimentary activity which will not hamper  their education.

d. To develop a pool of caddies available to golfers and golf clubs in and around Chandigarh.  

e. To equip the trained caddies with suitable kit to perform their job.

f. To make available golfing equipment for trained caddies to learn the game of golf.

g. To provide necessary financial and other assistance to the trained caddies to become coaches or golfers.

h. Any other help to train caddies in their development activities.    

3. Eligible criteria

a. Age above 14 Years or as determined by child labour laws.

b. Sound physical and mental condition.

c. Attitude to pickup skills to become a caddy.

d. Ambition to excel further as coach or player.

e. Attending in secondary school 

f. Should Possess an average Built with stamina to walk at least 3.5 kms. and a maximum of 9/10 kms. at a time with a 10 kg Golf Bag with frequent breaks.

g. The Candidate should have a Good Eye Sight to enable him to spot a Golf Ball in Flight.

4. Talent Search

a. Active assistance will be taken from NGO and local bodies of Tricity Chandigarh.

b. Special camps will be held at suitable locations to explain game of golf to the youngsters.

c. Extensive use of media.

d. Any other mode of scouting talent.

5.  Motivation

Once the suitable boys and girls are selected they will be put through motivational counseling to become caddies by giving examples of persons who started as caddies on their own and became professional golfers and if possible having them interact with these achievers.


6. Scope of work - The Project entails introducing the young Boys and Girls with no knowledge of Golf to achieve, as a first step, Class “C” Caddy’s Certification thus enabling them to seek gainful employment at any Golf Course/ Golf Range.

In order to actualize this Vision, CGA will work with the Trainee Candidates on areas detailed below:-

a. Familiarization with the Game of Golf.

b. Familiarization with the layout of a 9/18 holes Golf Course.

c. Familiarization with a Golf Set.

d. Maintenance of a Golf Set.

e. Items carried by a Golfer in a Golf Bag.

f. The Roles and Responsibilities of a Caddy.

g. Safety precautions to be practiced at all times on the Golf Course.

h. Etiquettes expected of a Caddy.

i. Handing over and taking over a Golf set from the Players.

j. Sighting a Golf Ball.

k. Maintenance of the golf Course as expected of a Caddy.

l. Physical Training

m. Mental Training

n. Communication and language skills

o. On the course Training. 

p. Reading the line & speed on  the green 

q. Giving the correct yardage

r. Club Selection

s. Wind direction

t. Rules of golf

u. Identify the players ball 

7. Training programme 

a. Indoor classes 

b. Outdoor classes 

c. On the job training 

d. Physical Training.

e. Mental Training.

f. Golf Rules and Regulations.

g. Golf etiquettes  

h. Turf and green repair.

i. Communication and language Skills.

The Class “C” Caddy Training Programme will be conducted as per the following Schedule:-

a. Duration : 12 Days.

b. Timings : 1500 Hrs till 1700 Hrs.

c. Syllabus : As detailed in the Scope of Work.

d. Transportation :CGA will provide to and fro Transportation for the Candidates.

e. Equipment :CGA will provide the Equipment for the duration of the Training.

f. Venues :CGA Golf Range, Sector 6, Chandigarh and Chandigarh Golf Club.

g. Tests :Written and Oral on completion of the Programme.

h. Certification :Category “C” Caddy Certificates will be issued to successful Candidates.


The Candidates will be expected to train on the Job and the said Training will be scheduled as per the Time availability of the Candidates as well as the Coaches.

8. Levels of training

The Programme at hand is aimed to introduce the candidate to the Golf Course as a Category “C” Caddy and be gainfully employed. The Levels that the Candidate can achieve along with Remunerative details are as given below.



a. CLASS “C”

The Candidate is familiar with the Game and the layout of the Course. The Candidate will Caddy for Beginners, Senior Age Group as well as Junior Golfer. The Candidate can earn up to Rs. 60/- for a 9 hole Game.

b. CLASS “B”

The Candidate is conversant with the Game and plays a little also. The Candidate can guide the Players on the Course as well as show the Putting Line. The Caddy can earn up to Rs. 80/- for a 9 hole Game.

c. CLASS “A”

The Candidate is well conversed with the Game and also plays to a Single Digit Handicap. The Candidate can earn up to Rs.100/- for a 9 hole Game. 

9. Certification 

After completion of training programme caddies are subjected to a test and if they pass the test a certificate will be issued by CGA as a proof  of being trained as caddy of a particular category which can be used in gaining excess to golf club and claim caddy fees from the golfer as per their classification.


10. Logistics 

a. Transport- CGA will provide transport to the boys and girls who want to undergo the initial training programme to become caddies and will be done on a need basis.

b. Equipment - CGA will provide necessary equipment for the initial caddy training programme.

c. Training Infrastructure- CGA will use the infrastructure available at CGA Golf Range for conducting caddy training programmes at various levels.

d. Suitable kit – Caddy overalls, shoes, caps etc will be provided to the trained caddies to give them due recognition.    

e. Any other logistical support to keep the trained caddies motivated.


11. Caddy pool creation

Once boys and girls are trained as caddies at various levels their data base will be maintained centrally at CGA and circulated to all golfers and golf clubs in the region. The data base will capture the names, contact details, caddy fees, availability etc of the trained caddies. A separate section will be created for caddy pool on CGA website  .


12. Networking 

A deliberate effort will be made to develop linkages with various golfing bodies like golf clubs, golf ranges, golf associations and other related individuals and organizations to support the caddies in improving their life opportunities.


13. Future Prospects

On Completion of the Training Programme, CGA will make the arrangement for the successful Candidates to Join Local Golf Clubs/Golf Ranges as a Class “C” Caddy. On Completion of Category “ A “ Certification the Candidate can pursue playing Golf at the Amateur Level and on obtaining a Professional Card on the Professional Circuit. Attractive Remunerative incentives are available for Players making the CUT i.e. to be amongst the Leaders amongst the Golfers participating in the Tournament.

Alternatively, the Candidate can take up Coaching and obtain the necessary Training from NGAI (National Golf Academy of India) at   CGA Golf Range. The Package includes up to Rs. 250/- for 45 minutes of Individual Coaching by the Class “C” Coaching Professional.